How to Save on the Best Satellite Broadband Services Available

satellite broadbandIf you have your mind set on the best satellite broadband package around then you might want to sit down and start taking notes.  This is doubly true if you have not even picked a carrier yet, or have chosen simply based on an advertisement or word of mouth.  What you need in order to find the best satellite TV is not just those things, though they may both be very important in all actuality, but some cold hard facts.  Here is how to get the facts about the best deal possible on the best satellite broadband service for you and your needs.  Here is how you do it:

Know What You Want & Need

Just about everyone likes to lump their needs in with their wants.  Whether this is by design or the product of our very nature is a subject for another debate that is best left to psychologists and social experts.  For the purpose of answering your main question here, you want to be able to easily separate your needs from your wants.  It helps if your needs are well aligned with the existing satellite systems as well.

For example, if you need to be able to see what the market is doing you might think that you need a great deal of downstream performance or excellent ping times.  Both of these can be had with low-altitude satellites, but their coverage is still comparatively expensive when measured against the high altitude (22k + mile orbits of existing satellite networks).  The difference is approximately ¼ second on latency for a round trip, and that is not a whole lot more than twice the knee jerk reaction time of the average adult responding to a serious visual stimuli.  In short, you are not going to save, gain, or lose your financial empire in that short window.

Gaming on the other hand could benefit from lower latencies as can many applications delivered as services.  Virtual private networks and other corporate security/online backup software systems may also have some technical issues that may not be resolvable over high-latency connections.  This is where you need to decide if playing that first person shooter after a day of camping at the Grand Canyon is really that important to you.  On the other hand, staying in touch with the corporate network could be vital for an executive on the go.

Know Who You Are

You need to understand who you are as well.  If you are a person that gets cranky when things take longer than they should and you are accustomed to your fast as can be fiber optic network at home, then you might not like satellite technology for a handful of generations.  If you are someone that has very modest needs and is on a budget, then think about what a plan might end up costing you in the long run and maybe take a pass on satellite broadband if it is not going to fit in with your bigger picture.  Ultimately, you need to understand who you are, what you will be doing, and where you will be going to determine which type of satellite broadband is best for you.

Learn About the Satellite Broadband Companies and Their Plans

Satellite broadband is evolving so fast and there are so many new ideas that crop up, get rehashed, and eventually put into motion or shelved.  Do not buy into the pipe dreams of companies promising a low flying satellite for every used and a chicken in every pot or you will be sorely disappointed.  But do listen to the companies that are pitching new ideas.  The current crop of ideas that seems to be taking shape quite well are high-flying solar relay craft that operate for extended periods of time when the weather is decent.  These craft increase signal quality and decrease latency until the weather grounds them.  Because these craft can stay aloft for weeks at a time, they are good proxies for satellite relay systems, but their flimsy designs require them to be grounded hours ahead of any storm’s possible arrival.  Since storms are hard to predict, these craft may be grounded more often than not in some parts of the country.  The Midwest seems like a storm hotspot and thus might be the number one location to see such aircraft grounded on a very frequent basis.

Choose the Best Satellite Broadband for You Today

Never buy on hopes and dreams.  It is good to know about these systems and these plans so you can see if the company you are signing on with is looking at the big picture, or if they may be preparing to circle the drain.  Spend time looking at the different offerings from different companies, the kinds of discounts you can find online and elsewhere, and then make a decision based on the facts of today.  Never forget that referrals and television advertising are not to be ignored, but just do not base your decision solely on a small piece of data such as one or both of these.  Browse online, look for other reviews from users and see what they actually say.